Occam Lube 3 Pack

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Grease is outstanding for lubricating firearms, fishing rods, and other tools and machines. Having that grease leak into your bag or other equipment is the opposite of outstanding-- it plain sucks. Occam Lube (PATENT PENDING) doesn't leak (unless you do something egregious!) and fits everywhere-- pockets, stocks, admin pouches, backpacks, toolbags, etc. The 14 gauge needle precisely delivers the grease where you need it-- no need to get it all over your hands. Never be without lube again! Occam Lube 3-packs come in 3 varieties: Premium White Lithium, Super Red, and Black Magic proprietary blend. Each syringe comes loaded with 1.25 ccs, enough for 10-20 handgun or rifle lubrications. DIY fill kits are also available for Oil and Grease HERE. Each pack of Occam Lube contains 3 syringes.

Premium White:

  • Doesn't separate when heated
  • High performance
  • Compatible with other greases and oils
  • Food grade (but we don't recommend that you eat it)

Super Red:

  • Low water washout - it won't turn to soap in the rain
  • Heat resistant
  • Compatible with other greases and oils
  • ASTM-2596: 800kg before cold welding (in other words, it's awesome.)

Black Magic:

  • Desolved graphite molybdenum
  • Won't attract water
  • Great for reducing sliding friction
  • ASTM-2596: 1000kg 
  • Does not like to play with other greases and oils