OCCAM Lube was developed out of a need to have a portable lubrication system that was rugged and reliable enough to travel with you anywhere. The developer and owner of OCCAM Lube found that the lubrication options offered to the consumer had significant limitations when they left the comfort and controlled environment of the work bench. They either leaked during transportation or were too bulky to reasonably keep on you during a hard day’s work. 

He originally developed the prototype syringe filled with lithium grease as a personal solution to his problem. He soon realized that other people valued his concept and began to refine his original design. This led to the all-inclusive design you see today with everything you need to apply lubrication exactly where you need it when you need it. 

The patented OCCAM Lube lubrication system provides you with a small convenient solution that will not leak, provides the user with multiple applications per syringe, and is easy to use in any environment. 

As we moved forward with the system the desire for users to fill the syringes with their own desired lubricants emerged, this led to the development of our popular Do It Yourself kits which allow the user to easily fill syringes with their desired grease or oil depending on their preferred application. 

With a product line that now offers a multitude of filling, refilling, and lubrication application solutions OCCAM Lube continues to provide hard working Americans with simple, purpose driven products.