Occam Lube Refill Kit

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If you love Occam Lube so much that you've run out, this kit is for you!  These large 30 CC syringes come preloaded with either Premium White Lithium, Super Red, or Black Magic proprietary blend.  Each 30 cc syringe contain enough for 24 refills. To use, simply connect the large syringe to the Occam Lube Syringe via the white gender adapter and squeeze the new lube in.  Also included is a 14 gauge needle for use on the bench.

Premium White:

  • Doesn't separate when heated
  • High performance
  • Compatible with other greases and oils
  • Food grade (but we don't recommend that you eat it)

Super Red:

  • Low water washout - it won't turn to soap in the rain
  • Heat resistant
  • Compatible with other greases and oils
  • ASTM-2596: 800kg before cold welding (in other words, it's awesome.)

Black Magic:

  • Desolved graphite molybdenum
  • Won't attract water
  • Great for reducing sliding friction
  • ASTM-2596: 1000kg 
  • Does not like to play with other greases and oils