The Smallest, Easiest, Most Rugged Way to Lubricate Your Firearm

Grease is outstanding for lubricating firearms, fishing rods, and other tools and machines. Having that grease leak into your bag or other equipment is the opposite of outstanding-- it plain sucks. Occam Lube (PATENT PENDING) doesn't leak (unless you do something egregious!) and fits everywhere-- pockets, stocks, admin pouches, backpacks, tool bags, etc. The 14 gauge needle precisely delivers the grease where you need it-- no need to get it all over your hands. Never be without lube again! Occam Lube 3-packs come in 3 varieties: Premium White Lithium, Super Red, and Black Magic proprietary blend. Each syringe comes loaded with 1.25 ccs, enough for 10-20 handgun or rifle lubrications.